Santorini: Travel guide (English Edition) por Traveler

Titulo del libro: Santorini: Travel guide (English Edition)

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Fecha de lanzamiento: October 3, 2018

Santorini: Travel guide (English Edition) por Traveler

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Traveler con Santorini: Travel guide (English Edition)

Numerous Greek islands have always attracted tourists from all over the world by their marvelous beaches, ancient sites, and various landscapes.
But there is an island which is second to none. It’s the mysterious and unique Santorini. It’s the best-known island of the Cyclades group of islands.

The history of the island is fascinating. Inhabited since 3000 BC, it is known as “The Circular One.” A violent volcanic eruption occurred at about 1500 BC. Tons of volcanic ash covered the sky, and a 200-meter tsunami led to the collapse of the Minoan civilization. A volcanic crater collapsed downward into the depths of the sea, having formed an enormous caldera surrounded by rocky remnants of the ancient island. Santorini is believed to be the part of Atlantis described by Plato.
Santorini is an island that leaves you weak at the knees, but still, it feels like it is far-fetched or it’s a dream that has come true in deep blue waters. The enchantment of the place makes you dizzy. If you are eager to see a day-dream at least once in your life, come to Santorini.
People choose the island because of a romantic appeal. It’s all over the place.
One can find white tiny houses with sapphire roofs scattered along the side of the cliff, breathtaking sunsets, volcanic multicolored beaches with black pebbles, and red sand or white volcanic foam on Santorini.

Would you like to know where you can find the most fantastic view of the sunset?
Would you like to know which of the beaches is the most romantic and which one is the most beautiful?
This book is for people who are going to visit this little paradise or want to know everything about it.
The book is about the main sites of the island, its legends, myths and life of the local community. You’ll also find some tips for having an unforgettable rest; you’ll read about local beaches, transport facilities, food, wine, etc.
There are a lot of colorful pictures in the book. A reader will find himself in a fairy-like atmosphere of the extraordinary island and feel its enchantment.
If you’re really interested in this dreamy island, this book is just the one for you!

(One more chapter called “Peculiarities and Secrets of the National Greek Cuisine” was included into the book as a BONUS.)

Let’s make a virtual tour around the most romantic island in the world!

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