The Library Book (English Edition) por Susan Orlean

Titulo del libro: The Library Book (English Edition)

Autor: Susan Orlean

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 3, 2019

Editor: Atlantic Books

The Library Book (English Edition) por Susan Orlean

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Susan Orlean con The Library Book (English Edition)

The New York Times bestseller

A dazzling love letter to a beloved institution - our libraries.

After moving to Los Angeles, Susan Orlean became fascinated by a mysterious local crime that has gone unsolved since it was carried out on the morning of 29 April 1986: who set fire to the Los Angeles Public Library, ultimately destroying more than 400,000 books, and perhaps even more perplexing, why?

With her characteristic humour, insight and compassion, Orlean uses this terrible event as a lens through which to tell the story of all libraries - their history, their meaning and their uncertain future as they adapt and redefine themselves in a digital world.

Filled with heart, passion and extraordinary characters, The Library Book discusses the larger, crucial role that libraries play in our lives.

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