Golf Tips: And Adult Golf Jokes (Golfwell's Adult Joke Book Series 4) (English Edition) por Team Golfwell

Titulo del libro: Golf Tips: And Adult Golf Jokes (Golfwell's Adult Joke Book Series 4) (English Edition)

Autor: Team Golfwell

Número de páginas: 133 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 31, 2017

Golf Tips: And Adult Golf Jokes (Golfwell's Adult Joke Book Series 4) (English Edition) por Team Golfwell

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Team Golfwell con Golf Tips: And Adult Golf Jokes (Golfwell's Adult Joke Book Series 4) (English Edition)

Third in the series of TeamGolfwell Adult Golf Joke Book Series has been raved about as being, “The funniest golf joke books on the market today.” He'll love you for the laughs it brings. Golf Jokes combined with excellent golf tips to sharpen his game and make learning easier. Makes a great gift for a golfer.

Many psychologists, and educational and learning experts have studied the relationship between learning and humor, and found, humor lowers defenses making it easier to learn new things.

Psychological studies have found, “Learning is easier and more readily absorbed when laughter is involved making you more relaxed and more receptive to understanding new concepts.”

Here’s a preview:

"Joe’s wife was on a business trip at a convention in Las Vegas that was poorly attended so she came home late at night one day early.

She quietly put her bags down and tip toed up the stairs and quietly opened the door to the bedroom.

As the door opened wider, the dim light from the hallway illuminated the bed and she was shocked to see 4 legs under the covers instead of two!

She reached for a 5-iron in the corner of the bedroom and repeatedly slammed it into the bodies under the blanket as hard as she could.

Exhausted, she staggered down the stairs and went into the den to have a drink. As she entered the den, she saw her husband there reading a book.

“Hi sweetheart!” He says. “Your parents have come to visit. They’re using our bedroom. It’s still early, go up and say hello to them.”

Here's a golf tip for hitting out of a bunker with wet sand: “Have you ever tried to hit a ball out of wet sand? If the sand is heavy and wet, with the ball sitting on top of wet sand, use a lob wedge (60 to 64-degree wedge), and hit a flop shot hitting just underneath the ball to lift it off the heavy wet sand, rather than digging it out.”

You will raise your game up a level with excellent humor and golf tips.


“Lots of tips and jokes makes this book a lot fun to read. I read it commuting in the morning and instead of my usual half-awake ride, the good laughter woke me up and I walked off in a great mood to start the day. Enjoyed it!” -B. Jamieson, Wilmette, IL

“Liked this “Learn and Laugh” book. Excellent golf tips. First rate reminders on how the game should be played.” - S. Duran, Saddle River, NJ

“Original jokes! Most of the jokes can be told anywhere – especially the one about the guy who meets St. Peter at the pearly gates and comes back as a chicken. Hilarious! Loved it!” - P. Brazos, Lemont, IL

SCROLL UP and get this entertaining book or give it as a gift to the golfer in your family!

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